The best thing I can say about the qualifications required for Computer Science is that if you like solving puzzles, you will enjoy the subject!

There is an element of maths, but we do not require A2 level mathematics on any of our courses. We now teach the maths for a particular field directly in the context of that application, so that you can see exactly how the maths component is used in that branch of the subject.

Over and above a liking for puzzles, we also find that our most successful students also have a broad range of interests and good communication skills. A successful computing practitioner can not only write good software, but is also good at working with customers, users and other members of his or her team. This means that more general qualifications will also stand you in good stead.

If you are not sure about your background/qualifications please feel free to contact us directly and discuss your case. We pride ourselves on the way that we treat each applicant individually. You can contact us