The Department of Computer Science at Hull offers a number of paid 8-week research internships, usually running over July and August of each year. These positions are open to University of Hull Computer Science students who have attained good grades and can demonstrate good programming abilities, and who are interested in finding out what research in computer science is like. 

This year we had a group of 18 interns, including students from first, second and final years, working on projects including: Apps and Augmented Reality; 3D Printing; Robotics Control; Using Electro Encephalographic interfaces; Raspberry Pi and other “Internet of Things” devices including Lego Mindstorms (see above); On-line MOOC development; Domain-Specific Language exploration; Shipping data tracking; 3D Immersive reality and graphics software experiments.

Student interns made use of the Department’s HIVE Immersive Reality CAVE system; Oculus Rift 3D Goggles; Google Glasses; tablets and watch devices; driving simulator systems; 3D printers; and various robots including quad-copter flying drones. Interns work with an academic supervisor and were located at computer workstations alongside postgraduate students in the research laboratories within the Department.  

One intern project has already made it into a published paper: "Brayshaw, N., and Balaghan, P. Teaching and Learning in a Media Enriched Prolog MOOC Toolkit, to appear in Proc. Human Computer Interaction International 2015,  and published in  Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer, ISSN: 1865-0929". 

The internship project topics vary from year to year depending upon the Department’s strategic research priorities. Typically a number of specific internship projects will be advertised in Mid/late May each year and students will be able to apply to take part.  

We are really looking forward to seeing what our students get up to next year.