Welcome to our programming resources at Hull. These are links to resources that we have developed to get you going with software development. You can find our complete First Year programming course here, along presentations and notes about game development using XNA and embedded development using the Arduino micro controller. There are also practicals and presentations about the Python language. If you are learning to program you will find the C# and Python content useful. If you have already done some programming there are also links to competitions and professional development events that we run at Hull

C# Course

This is the world famous "C# Yellow Book" by Rob Miles, along with the slide decks for his complete First Year course, as delivered in the Academic year 2013-2015. The book and slides teach programming from first principles, with a strong software development focus. You can use the resources for self study, or as the basis of a taught course. The latest version of this material is presently being delivered by Rob to First Year students at the University of Hull. The resources are available from here.

Wrestling with Python

These are the slides and notes from the "Wrestling with Python" sessions delivered at the University of Hull in 2014. They teach Python programming from first principles. You can find them here

Arduino Labs 

These are the lab instructions from our embedded development labs at the C4DI in Hull. Lots of fun things that you can do with an Arduino board and a few cheap components. You can find them here.

Three Thing Game

Three Thing Game is a game development contest that we run on the Hull campus twice a year. It is for any developers that fancy having a go at making a game in 24 hours. The games are based on three "Things" that teams bid for at the start of the competition. If you want to run your own competition, or find out what our students have created you can learn more here.

Rather Useful Seminars

We run regular seminars in the department for students wishing to learn more about professional development issues. We have covered a wide range of areas, from 3D scanning with the Kinect sensor to starting your development company. You can find slides from our most recent sessions, along with screencasts of some, here