Biggest Ever Three Thing Game

Some of the teams an their "things"

Some of the teams an their "things"

We've just completed our biggest ever Three Thing Game today. We have over 200 students and 50 teams taking part.

Three Thing Game is a game development competition that we run each semester. On the Monday we give each team three "things" to build a game around. During the week the teams work on their game design and assets and then on Friday-Saturday we do a 24 hour hackathon, with judging on Saturday afternoon. It's awesome. 

This year we used the Edinburgh Associative Database to produce sets of three related things. We've written a little C# program that reads the network of words and produces enough sets of things for the competition.  And, for the first time we actually allowed "thing trading". 

Team "Just One Guy" managed to win first place, crafting a lovely platform puzzler from the things "hot, cold and bear". You can find a full report on the finalist presentations from Rob Miles here, and links to the game videos here