Windows 10 Three Thing Game Event

Team "Betajester and Squid Physics" pick their things with the "Thingomatic"

Team "Betajester and Squid Physics" pick their things with the "Thingomatic"

We normally do a couple of Three Thing Game events each year, but Microsoft came along and asked if we'd like to do a Windows 10 based game development event at the very end of the semester. They offered to pay for the pizza, and so how could we refuse?

We installed Windows 10 on a large number of machines in our computer suite and sent out invites. The event was open to anyone, not just Hull students, and we got a pleasingly large number of unfamiliar faces turning up when the competition started.

The basis of the competition is that each team makes a game based on three "Things" which they are given at the start. Over the years we've used lots of different ways to select the things, from random draws to auctions. This time we used a device that was specially created for the competition. The "Thingomatic" is a magical device that contains a tiny associative dictionary. Press the button and it displays three four letter words. We let each team have three presses and pick the one they really wanted to do.

Once the things had been picked we had a talk from Microsoft about Windows 10 and presentations about Marmalade, Unity and Monogame. We encourage students to use the competition as a way of experimenting with game development frameworks and it was nice to have representatives for each of the platforms.

A great time was had by all and by the end of the 24 hour development we had 12 teams with games to judge. You can find out how the judging ended here