Three Thing Game March 2015

We had one of our auctions for the "Things" that the game

Three Thing Game has been running for quite a few years now. And every time we do it we are surprised by what folks come up with. The idea is simple enough, three things to base a game on and a few days to do it, but the quality of the work has been quite amazing.

We kicked off on Monday 9th March with a "Thing Auction" where students can bid using fake money to buy their things. This year we had the first use of the "Random Thing Auction Timer-Omatic" which we used to make sure that the auction ran at reasonable speed and people didn't wait until the last moment to snipe their bids. You can find out more about this amazing program here.

Once the teams had been allocated their things they have a few days to put together their games, with the culmination of the competition being a 24 hackathon in the department.  We had over 100 students at the start. By the end things had dwindled slightly, but we still had 17 teams going forward for the judging. The judges found the top six and they presented their games to the rest of us. You can read a full report on the judging here.


This is Team "I hope my Friends don't bail on me", AKA Jason Powney, showing off the mayhem he had created from "chainsaw", "penguin" and "water".

"Penguin Chainsaw Massacre" had tons of bloodthirsty action, with underwater mine hazards and even a sunken wreck. A very polished production which won first place.

We have a Three Thing Game competition every semester and they are always popular. We strongly encourage all students to take part, not just the game developers in the cohort, as the experience is a very valuable one for any software developer.