Python Games and Evil Teddies

For the last year we’ve been teaching teachers to write Python programs as part of our “Wrestling with Python” programme. In July we invited the teachers, along with their kids, to show us what they could make in a one day hackathon in the department.

This is team “Headlands Blue” with their quadcopter prize. Each team was given three “things” to base their game on. Team Blue chose “Teddy”, “Monkey” and “Saxophone”.

First Prize - Teddy Invasion.png

This is a screenshot of what they made. Their "Bleeding Gums Teddy Invasion" game has the player as a monkey frantically grabbing bananas to fling at the approaching evil teddy who is bent on stealing the saxophone. 
The event was a great success and we will be running it again next year. We will also be running further courses for teachers too. You can find out more at and