Three Thing Game Summer 2014

Teams and Things

Teams and Things

Three Thing Game is an established game development competition that we have been running in the department for several years. Teams have to create a game based on three “things”.

When we first ran the competition the things were randomly allocated but in recent years we have run a “Thing Auction” where teams can bid what they’d like to work with. We give each team some “Bank of Thingland” money to bid with and turn them loose. Then we have a 24 hour hackathon where the games and all the assets are created.

It is always great fun, and this year the Summer competition was won with an awesome game based on “flying fish”, “underwater” and “Eiffel Tower”. You can see videos of some of the games that were produced at

We are already planning the next Three Thing Game for the end of October 2014. Microsoft will be coming along and bringing the MonoGame team along with them.