Rob Wins People's Choice at Hacked.IO

The final device in all its glory....

The final device in all its glory....

Rob Miles of the department was lucky enough to get a chance to attend the Hacked.IO hackathon at the O2 Arena.  Hacked was a chance to get together and spend two days just making stuff for the fun of it. Rob took down a bag full of embedded devices and make a device that he calls "The Difficultifier".  

This is a device intended to make playing music fun by making it more difficult to perform, in the way that using vinyl records are much more tricky to use than modern music players. Users have to select their required music using an RFID tag, adjust a bunch of settings and finally the music will start to play over a Nokia phone connected via Bluetooth.  

Because playing music has been made an achievement using this cutting edge technology, it also prints a certificate of achievement when the sound starts. 

Rob had 90 seconds to demonstrate this to the audience, and he must have done quite a good job, because he ended up winning "People's Choice" award from the audience.