Three Thing Game October 2011

Class of Three Thing Game October 2012

These are the students, with their “things”.

Every semester we do a “Three Thing Game” development. Student teams are given a week to create a game based on three “Things” chosen at random. On Monday we give out the things, as you can see above. We then do some special sessions about game development during the week, and the teams prepare their assets ready for the big development push over the weekend. On Saturday morning the teams set up their work areas in the department and then there is a 24 hour pizza powered development frenzy to get a game working before the judging on Sunday morning.

This time we had the biggest ever competition, with 25 teams turning up. This meant around a fifth of our student population was in the department working on games for 24 hours. Everywhere you looked there were teams frantically preparing assets and honing gameplay. This year we also had a record number of First Year students taking part, some of whom had only started learning C# in September. And they all got something working.

On Sunday we had the judging. Each team starred in a video of their game and the judges had a tricky job, as the standard was really, really high. Some of the creations were pretty much ready for sale. If you want to find out all about the teams, who won and find links to the judging videos you can go to for more.

The next Three Thing Game is on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of March. Some of the students are already preparing…