Getting Started with Programming Games

In response to a question at the Open Day today here are some links to resources that you might find useful to get started writing programs.

If you want a free copy of our C# text book (the same one we teach our students from) you can download it in PDF form from:

To compile and run your C# programs you will need a development environment. This is where you write the code and run it. You can get free versions of the Microsoft Visual Studio tool from:

If you want to write C# programs you just go for the C# version of Visual Studio. It takes a while to download, but it is worth waiting for…

If you want to write games you can then add the XNA framework which provides a set of resources for both 2D and 3D games. The framework is currently at version 3.1. You add this to your installation of Visual Studio and you can get the framework from:

Rob Miles has written a Microsoft Press book which teaches programming using XNA games. You can obtain a free PDF download of this from the Microsoft Faculty Site here:

There is no need to actually sign up for faculty resource membership, you can skip that step.

One final note though, a bit of practice is a good idea, but do remember that it is your current studies that will get you to your university. Don’t get so taken away with the programming that you forget to turn up for your exams…