Hull Mad Game Development


Mad Game Development Final Survivors

This is what the students looked like after the event finished….

In October we had our first ever Mad Game Development. This was in response to a request from a writer who wanted to see what happens if we got a bunch of students together and tried to write a game in 24 hours, pulling an “overnighter”. We had 15 teams wanting to take part, and most of them made it through to the following day, as you can see in the photo above. The teams were asked to produce a game with the theme “Demolition Golf”. You can find out how they got on via our dedicated mini-site:

It was amazing how every single game that was developed was completely different from any other. A special mention goes to the first year team who, on the back of only four weeks or so of programming experience still managed to produce a working game. The event was written up in the December 2010 edition of “360” magazine in an eight page article that gave call outs to all the teams.

We asked at the end whether or not anybody wanted another competition. The response was both unanimous and surprising. Everybody wanted to go around again. So we will be repeating the whole thing in 2011.