Mad March Bash

March 25th was the day of the Mad March Bash. This follows on from the Christmas bash we had at, er, Christmas, and has pretty much the same format. With a treasure Hunt too.

We had to use a different lab for the FragFest, but this did mean that we could have more systems, with 32 players taking part in mammoth Counterstrike action.

Network Gaming Action – but the only things moving are mice and keyboards

We tried using the Buzz quiz, and that was a great success.


Getting the Buzz

The food was the usual Pizza, fizzy drinks and afters. Including  (of course) Easter eggs.


Meat Feast was still the most popular…

We also ran a Treasure Hunt using Microsoft Tags. These were spread around the department and you had to use your phone to read the tag and match it to the clue. The team “The Nuzzling Badgers” managed to find every single cunningly hidden tag. Even the very high one.


Now, that’s a prize worth winning.


The Dance Mats were popular as ever.

3386457565 was Rock Band.

There are some more pictures on Flickr. They are tagged with hull2009madmarchbash.