Departmental Christmas Bash

Today we had our sell out Christmas Bash in the department. Games on offer included Rock Band 2, Half Life 2 Deathmatch and the ever popular Wii Sports Tennis. Some folks even brought along some K'Nex kits for build it yourself fun


Dancing Stage Universe gets some hammer

We really pushed the boat out and even invested in some pink Christmas trees and lights to give the event even more sparkle. And there were prizes.

First place in the Half Life 2 Tournament won a printer. Second place won a scanner. Last place won a Pentium 2 processor chip. We are not sure what that lucky winner is going to do with it. We had so much pizza, pop and mince pies that we almost had some food left over. Almost, but not quite.

Lots of pictures and videos were taken on the night, including some of very dodgy of Rock Band singing and some amazing work on the dance mats. You can find some more here. We are going to do it all again next year, when we have our Mad March Bash.