Big News with Bill Gates

Finally we can reveal all. We have been sworn to secrecy for the last couple of weeks, but now we can tell everyone about our latest Imagine Cup triumph. Of the 40 or so teams who have reached the world finals 6 were specially selected for a trip to Redmond to meet up with Bill Gates on the Microsoft campus.  One of these teams was "Team Three Pair" from Hull, who flew out to the 'states on Monday.

Later on this week they will be presenting their project too Bill, and responding to questions. Andy, James and Tom have been frantically preparing their demonstration and trying to work out what one of the richest men in the world is going to ask them. Earlier today (or late at night where they are) they were interviewed by our local radio station, live from Seattle.

We will be posting more news and pictures as more information comes through.

Radio Humberside Interview