End of Term Quiz

To celebrate the end of term the Microsoft Student Partners (Tom and Andy) set up a special quiz night with easter egg prizes and money behind the bar for soft drinks and beer.


Counting out the beer money.


What we were playing for

The questions were specially non-computing related, with the exception of one or two which allowed the academic staff present to show off (or not).


These folks came third, not that they seem too worried about it.


And so to second prize winners. Note how the eggs are increasing in size....


And these are the winners, with the biggest eggs of all...

Congratulations to Matt, who won the Project Gotham 3 time trialed racing later in the evening, when I had put my camera away....

Everybody had a really good time, many thanks to Andy and Tom for setting it up. I'm going to post some of their more horrid questions in the puzzles section later.....