Hull at GDC 06

The Games Develpers Conference (GDC) takes place each year. It is where games developers, software houses, publishers and the console makers all get together to talk about the business. Warren Viant and Jon Purdy have been attending regularly over the last few years to pick up on new developments and do deals. This year they have been joined out in San Jose by Rob Miles of the department, who is giving a talk about mobile development for casual games.

The conference is presently in full swing. Rob, Jon and Warren are presently based in the Howard Jonston Express in San Jose, fighting off the jet lag and learning new stuff.

Rob has been blogging about the event here and here.

Update: Rob gave his talk and all but one of his 8 demos worked (he was writing live code in front of the audience - a very brave/foolish thing to do).  You can find the demos on his spiffy new home page in the downloads.