Unimaginable Success II

Last week at our open day some people were expressing surprise about the fact that out of the 10 teams chosen for the UK Imagine Cup Final, 4 were from Hull. If they found that surprising, they might like to sit down and have a stiff drink ready at this point.

Midway through the finals on Friday 10th March the best three teams were picked to make their final presentations and allow the winner to be chosen. All of the top teams were Hull based. Teams "Medaware", "3 Pair" and "Ariel" then had to deliver a 15 minute pitch on their project, after which the final winners were chosen. Finally team "3 Pair", made up of Hull students Andy Sterland, Tom Randell, and James Lissiak, were chosen as the UK Imagine Cup Software Development Challenge winners to go forward to the Imagine Cup world finals in Delhi.

A full report, with pictures, is presently being prepared.

Update: There is now an Imagine Cup section right here. Follow the links to find out how we are doing.