UT Bot Programming Competition

Yesterday we held our programming competiton with a twist. Andy, Tom and James made a system which lets C# programs control bots in Unreal Tournament. Well, with something like that you've just got to lay on pizza, cola, a prize and a whole bunch of students. So they did. And I went along to join in the carnage and take some pictures.


This is the competition in full swing. The screen at the far end shows an overview of the arena and the plasma display on the right shows a view of the fighting action.


It is always a great moment when your code compiles and runs!

The winner, Richard Pitts, was awarded a Gameboy Micro after his bot, called void, won by a single frag. All of the top three teams were made up of first years, who even managed to beat off challenges from some bots coded by our MSc students. You can find more pictures of the event here