Hull at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2006

Tech-Ed is a conference managed by Microsoft at which developers can find out the latest tools and developments which are coming in the future. Members of our department have been attending the conference for the past few years, but this year's Tech-Ed was even more interesting than usual because of our staff, Rob Miles, was presenting a session.

Rob was talking about the new XNA Game Developer framework which is being launched in December. This environment makes it very easy to create computer games for the PC and it also makes it possible for developers to write code for the XBOX 360 console. Not surprisingly, Rob was quite excited about this and managed to convey this to the 350 developers that turned up at his talk (with more queuing up outside).

Hull is one of the first universities in the world that will be using this XNA technology in teaching, Rob will be using it in his first year programming course, when students will be creating a 3D version of the Snake game they are presently writing as assessed work for the first part of the course.