Tiny Rob and Embedded Development

Rob Miles (a lecturer in the department) is now a contributor to TinyThings, a podcast about Mobile Devices which is produced by Rory Blyth, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist. He will be recording content about one of the great loves of his life, gadgets, for the fortnightly programmes.

If you are into mobile development you should also take a look at Slide5. This was a student development conference which ran in July this year. We will be taking bookings for Slide6 in the new year, which will be even bigger and even better, but still focussed on student development. At Slide5 we had a number of sixth form students come along, so if you have not started university, but you are keen to write code and find out more, then feel free to apply.

Update: The latest version of TinyThings is all about Rob. Rory thought that, since Rob is going to be a regular contributor, it might be worth finding out where he is coming from. If you want to find out where Rob is coming from, then take a listen.