Visual Studio Coding Event

Andy and Tom, a couple of our Microsoft Student partners set up a programming event today. Hosted in the Games Programming Lab, 35 students wrote part of a computer game and uploaded it to a server. The code was written in C# and compiled using Visual Studio 2005 Express (you can get the development system here) . Lecturer Rob Miles also wrote a version which the students were invited to take on for prizes.

We had some fun, and took some pictures:


These are the competitors, all revved up and ready to go.


These are the prizes. We had Office 2003, XBOX games, cinema vouchers, T shirts, you name it. And yes, the marker pen is a prize too - as used in a genuine Computer Science lecture......


This was the code challenge, where programs compete one on one with the lecturer code to win spot prizes, including the "mystery ink cartridge"....


A tense moment as the final winner emerges from the battle.


The winners with their prizes. It was a great afternoon. We are so going to do it again next year.