Harrogate Field Trip

We don't often have field trips in Computer Science. But when one of our Microsoft Student Partners managed to snag a bunch of tickets to the Visual Studio Launch Event in Harrogate we thought it was worth grabbing a mini-bus full and setting off down the motorway.


This was taken just before we hurtled away. We only had one problem. The underground car park was 6 foot 6 high. The minibus was around 7 feet high....  Fortunately I noticed in time, and thanks to the very helpful parking people at Harrogate Conference Centre, we got parked up and in with minimal fuss. The conference was very good (for a more considered appraisal take a look at my Spoke blog, which is where the techie stuff lives).

I love it when a gadget comes good. Today two of my little machines did the business. Firstly the Gizmondo used its satellite navigation feature to take us right to the doors of the conference center with no fuss, and then direct us back again. And my Imate Jasjar let me check my email and even update software on my office machine by a cunning use of WIFI and Remote Desktop.

We got back around 8:00 pm, clutching our vouchers for free software, and having had a good time.