We have built up a set of resources that you might find useful. You can find presentations, documents, sample programs and other teaching materials.

Wrestling with Python

This is a set of presentations, lab exercises and sample programs that deliver an introduction to the Python programming language from first principles. They were created for a sequence of sessions that we delivered to ICT teachers in Hull over the last year. Follow the presentations and then perform the lab content.

You can find all the content at the following link: www.wrestlingwithpython.com

Fun and Games with the Arduino

This is a set of practical sessions based on the SparkFun Arduino kit. It introduces simple C++ programming techniques in the context of developing small embedded devices and gadgets. Each session is essentially free standing and describes both the programming and the hardware configuration aspects of the work.

The sessions were delivered as part of a series of hardware events organised at the Centre for Digital Innovation in Hull.

You can find details of the hardware and software that was used, along with the lab notes themselves at the following link: www.robmiles.com/arduino/

Other good reading

You can keep up with departmental events from the departmental web site and staff blogs: