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Development: 24th February 2016 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Gaming Conference

The Gaming Conference has been and gone. You can read an executive summary of the event here

These conferences are for students at Hull University who want to find out just what software development is going on and meet up with the folks doing it. If you are a Second Year you should be looking for internships and summer placements. If you are a Third or Fourth year you should be talking to people with a view to employment. There is a lot going on in the development space and this is how you can become part of it. Everyone who attends as a conference delegate will get a set of business cards and some other conference goodies.

The Development Conference is on the 24th of February. Registrations will close on 22nd February.  If you have already registered and told us you are coming to both conferences there is no need to register again. 

Registration for business cards is now closed. The registration list has been used to create the print file and this has been sent off. However, if you want to turn up on the day, feel free to register just to let us know you are coming. 

Name *
Your name as you would like it to appear on your business card
Your contact details as you would like them to appear on your business card. This may be your phone number, email address or Twitter handle.
Details of your course and the year of study


Some notes on how to make your business cards:

The Business Card Nameis for your name, exactly as you want it to appear on the card, e.g. "Rob Miles" - which is what I want on mine.

Put your Contact Text and your Course and Year of Study on the other two lines. 

We'll have the cards ready for you to pick up at the start of the event. 


At the 2015 event we had presentations from six companies, followed by a exhibition with stands from many others. Students who attended were given business cards that they were encouraged to hand over during discussions with the companies who were present.