Actually, it’s a Frag-Fest and a game playing event. But we quite like the title.


The event will run from 11:00 am on Saturday 3rd of October to 5:00 pm. So 6 hours of fun then.


It will be on the Third Floor of the Robert Blackburn Building in rooms 312 and 321. We might spread onto other floors if the numbers get too big. We'll have a map telling you what is going on.


Its games for computer science students. You can just come along and take part. Or you can bring along your own computer/console and set it up if you like your home comforts. We’ll be playing a mix of games on departmental hardware. We’ll also have a bunch of board games (no-really). If you've got games you like playing (video or cardboard), bring them along.

We’ll have a break around 1:00 pm for pizza and fizzy drinks and we will be dishing out snacks. If you fancy something more fancy to eat there are lots of places on campus you can grab a bite.


For the first weekend of your first year we thought it might be nice to have something to go along to. In the future your social network will kick in, but just to get you started, we thought we’d organise a little something.


The event is open to newly arrived Computer Science students.


Fill in the form below and submit it, and we'll make sure to order some pizza for you. 

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