With the increasingly tough financial climate for students, it is tempting to consider studying at the university in your home town and spending your student days at home.

We have known many successful students who have done this, and for some it works very well. It works less well if you want to consider university as a stepping stone into the outside world. Some things which happen as a matter of routine in student houses (all night Monopoly games, food fights, midnight karaoke) would be unthinkable at home - unless you live with very tolerant parents - and it has to be said that there are some parts of the student experience that you will miss out on if you do not leave home. On the other hand you will have a lot of "ground support" that your friends lack, which can be nice.

At the day it is all down to the individual, and remember that there is nothing to stop you living at home for the first year and then moving out during your studies.