We do many flavours of computing, based around a three year BSc course and a four year taught MSc. These are the courses which are offered at our Hull campus, Internet and Creative Media

Computer Science is our "bread and butter" course which includes all the hardware, software and mathematical aspects of the subject.  This is provided in three year BSc and four year MEng versions.

Computer Software Development places the emphasis the way in which software products are actually developed. The aim is to produce graduates who can function effectively in as developers,  There is a four year version of this course which includes a sandwich year in industry or abroad.

Computer Science with Informatics looks at the application of computers in the field of information processing, with particular emphasis on systems for use in business applications.

Computer Science with Games Development looks at the techniques used to create computer based entertainment, including topics relating to the creation of realistic graphics, the management of sound and other media and the use of artificial intelligence to create realistic opponents. It is a demanding course which has been created in conjunction with the games programming industry. This is provided in three year BSc and four year MEng versions.

Information Technology Management for Business is delivered in conjunction with the university Business School. The curriculum has been set up with the explicit aim of producing graduates who are effective professionals when they graduate, rather than needing to undertake additional learning once they start their first job. The content has been developed in conjunction with graduate employers including British Telecom, Ford and Hewlett Packard.

Full details of the each of the courses are given in our departmental brochure. If there is anything which you would like clarified you can ask at your interview, or get in touch with us here